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Notes.ini preferences plug-in for
Notes 8 is now available from Infosana

The plug-in pulls from this database for Notes.ini entry descriptions.

Hide details for 10.010.0
Domino_Force401_With_HTML_Login_PageVerse on Prem
VOP_Box_Client_IDVerse on Prem
VOP_ConCurr_Upload_iCalVerse on Prem
VOP_Enable_AttachService_DownloadAttachmentsAsZipVerse on Prem
VOP_Extensibility_Applications_Json_FilePathVerse on Prem
VOP_Extensibility_Applications_Json_URLVerse on Prem
VOP_Extensibilitz_Data_Provider_NameVerse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_1Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_122Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_129Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_131Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_143Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_152Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_156Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_160Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_162Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_168Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_175Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_176Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_177Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_178Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_182Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_183Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_187Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_188Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_192Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_193Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_206Verse on Prem
VOP_GK_Feature_209Verse on Prem