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    Disable_ClientRecord=0 / 1

Applies to:

    Workstations and/or Servers


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    Obsolete since:





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      Specifies whether or not the "Update Client Information in Person Record" request appears in the AdminP requests (admin4.nsf database).
      You may want to enable this parameter if your organization prefers, perhaps for privacy reasons, not to capture updates to client information (license, Notes client platform, Notes client build, and the Notes client machine).

      The parameter can be used in two ways:

      It can be set in the NOTES.INI on the machine of specific clients to prevent a subset of clients from sending their information to AdminP on servers which are defined as home mail server in clients' current location documents.
      It can be set in the NOTES.INI on a server to prevent all clients of users whose person documents define this server as home mail server from having their information sent to this server's AdminP.

      0 - Allows the request to appear
      1 - Prevents the request from appearing

      Note This parameter is also a useful improvement if your organization has ever used the NOTES.INI parameter ADMINP_IGNORE_UPDATE_CLIENT_INFORMATION_REQUESTS. That parameter was added in an earlier Notes/Domino release. It allowed the requests to be generated but just not processed. This could have the unintended effect of filling admin4.nsf with unneeded requests.

      IF you want to got the otherway round, as in Create the "Update Client Information in Person Record" request for one specific User, please do following:
      The "Update Client Information in Person Document" adminp request updates the users' Person documents with the "Notes client machine", "Notes client build", and "Notes Client Platform" information.
      There may be rare circumstances in which these requests may not complete due to adminp issues.
      Is there a method to regenerate these requests to the admin4.nsf?

      An Enhancement Request has been submitted to Quality Engineering in SPR YGAO7ZTQ3Y (APAR LO47985).
      As a workaround, the following steps can be used to clear the information from the Notes client, and regenerate the AdminP requests. NOTE: You have to follow ALL steps (1-4) below for this to work.

      1 Delete the following Client Information fields in the Person document:

      The following formula can be used to delete these fields:
      FIELD ClntBld := @DeleteField;
      FIELD ClntDate :=@DeleteField;
      FIELD ClntDgst :=@DeleteField;
      FIELD ClntMachine :=@DeleteField;
      FIELD ClntPltfrm :=@DeleteField;

      2 Send the user a LotusScript button (via email) which will remove the profiles from the local names.nsf that contain the machine information, and the DCC object which hashes the bit for the AdminP request.
      The following code can be used:

      Dim s As New notessession
      Dim db As NotesDatabase
      Dim policiesview As NotesView
      Dim nviewentcoll As NotesViewEntryCollection
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim pdoc As NotesDocument
      Dim books As Variant

      Set db = s.GetDatabase("","names.nsf")
      Set doc = db.GetProfileDocument("directoryprofile",s.username)
      Call doc.Remove(True)
      Set doc = db.GetProfileDocument("directoryprofile")
      Call doc.RemoveItem("$DynInfoCache")

      books = s.AddressBooks

      Forall b In books

      If (Not b.IsPublicAddressBook) Then
      Call b.Open ("", "" )
      Set pdoc = b.GetProfileDocument ("dyncrinfo", s.UserName)
      pdoc.Remove (True)
      End If
      End Forall

      Call s.SetEnvironmentVar("DYNINFOCR_", "")

      3. Shutdown Lotus Notes

      4. Remove all occurrences of the notes.ini parameter, DYNINFOCR_ in the local notes.ini. Look for multiple entries.

      Once DCC (Dynamic Client Configuration) runs twice (i.e. "Notes Configuration Settings have been refreshed" in the status bar), then the Adminp request will get generated in the admin4.nsf.